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I am the mother of six, fabulous children ranging in ages from 21 to 6. I am going to become a grandma soon. I am obsessed with antique clothing. I love costumes. I love living in Missouri where there is such a thing as a soft breeze. I love sitting on the front porch swing at twilight drinking lemonade and watching the fireflies come out. I love to drive, anywhere. I love photographs, old and new.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

SAD news :('s been a while since I've posted. Sadly, the other day I was getting on the computer to update my blog and back up some pictures online (something I had been putting off) and found out that my computer had a malware attack and all of my files were gone. :( I cried. I had a lot of pictures on it that I had neglected to back up. Luckily I have some saved here on my blog, a few more on Mom's computer and a very few on FB. I have learned a VERY hard lesson. I will be more vigilant with back ups. We are still hoping to retreive some of the files, but it's not looking very good. So, as soon as I can I will be adding some more pics that happened to be on my camera card still.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So begins my saga online...